Sunday, January 20, 2008

27 dresses and Hawaii

So another friend of mine named Heather is moving away. She's recently divorced and going off to Maui on Tuesday for a completely non-committal move. No job, no apartment, no plans. Just her.. and Hawaii. I went to the salsa club on Stadium to see her one last time before she takes off, and she's dancing with everyone and she's all saucy and flirty and happy.
I'm happy for her, but at the same time I'm envious. It's got to be exciting to be that free, though I know it's scary for her.
I used to 'run away' when things got overwhelming, but it was always only temporary. That's why I saved my money, that's why I traveled. Partly because I liked to see the world, and partly because I loved to escape. I still get the craving to escape every now and again, but I know with my current set of responsibilities I can't operate the way in which I used to. Oh well. Time to grow up, right?
So, anyway I had a few strange short men try to dance with me, but I'm awkward and clumsy and uncomfortable and really not in the mood today so I took off and went to the good old Q16 for some enjoyment. I've got a short list of female friends and know that none of them would have gone out with me on short notice (or perhaps even long notice) so I went solo on this vag fest. I have been running seriously short on chick flicks lately - methinks I see too many movies with Husband and all the guys.
I went for the most chick flick they had, 27 dresses. I actually wanted to see it, and it was funny and lighthearted and cute and entertaining and exactly what I needed. It had a few awesome laugh-out-loud jokes in there, too. Even though it contained a story line which had been told before (guy secretly writing story about girl behind her back, guy falling for girl, girl finds out about story and gets angry, guy and girl make up and of course... get married. Because every good fairy tale ends in marriage, right? Anyway, it was a great night, and way better than staying home with the guys to watch UFC. Too much screaming for me.

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