Sunday, January 6, 2008

No country for old women

So, I saw No Country for Old Men tonight. Good movie... not what I expected but certainly enjoyed.

Been preoccupied this week. I was sick, etc etc... whatever.

Some rants and raves...

I'm REALLY fucking tired of having music/sound blasted at me all the time. I go to Meijer, Target, Starbucks... everywhere I go has a friggin' soundtrack. The gas station with the talking pumps. And new at Meijer - the hideously annoying computer screen ads at the checkout that blare their crap at you. I fight the urge to beat the shit out of those every time I see them. Can't I just have some silence, please?

I'm also really damn tired of the stupid chronicle movies. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter hit it big with this fantasy threequel (or more) stuff. Then there was Narnia, and now there's some Chronicles of something else coming out. Big fat hairy deal. Give me a real movie, please. Stop with the fantasy chronicles and stop with the stupid sequels. Did we really need Saw IV? Do we need Harold and Kumar 2? How about Cheaper by the Dozen 2? STOP IT. PLEASE.

I found out today my camera can accessorize. I can buy filters and lenses and adapters and I'm so excited I already have a $175 wish list. I can get telephoto or fisheye or wide angle or macro lenses, and UV filters and more neat stuff. Oh boy! Soon I'll be ordering more toys.

I got the most amazing headphones. While the sound that comes from them is so beautiful it invokes emotion, they squeeze my head like a mother fucker. Any solutions/tips to loosen up a pair of headphones? They hurt me so. Please help.

In other news, the hard drive to my work computer is in a box on my kitchen table to be shipped Monday morning to the foremost data recovery specialists in the U.S. Today, I scolded a woman at Best Buy for attempting to touch the hard drive (I was buying a new one, and so had the old one with me). How did I get to this point? Do crazy homeless people stop to question themselves? Like, they're sitting there with phone parts in their hair, and mismatching shoes and a robe from the trash, are they still with it enough to wonder how they got there? Did the downhill to crazy town start by scolding cashiers for touching stupid things that we give artificial meaning to?
Anyway, the recovery specialists give free quotes so it's worth it to send it out and see what they can do. I'm relieved to find out I didn't cause the hard drive failure, but it doesn't stop the snippets of panic I get all day long about the amount of work it will take to correct this, should no data be recoverable. The computer guys in Ann Arbor have my external hard drive containing the last backup I made and I should find out Monday if that backup actually is a functioning backup... as the hard drive was failing as the backup was being created.... apparently.
Now... I just have to share the news with my boss.

And my cat has been sick. Sneezing and sleeping all week. I'm hoping he'll get better soon. At least he's sleeping.

2008 is starting out to be really great. I can't wait to see what the remaining 359 days have in store.

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