Thursday, January 24, 2008


This past Tuesday Shelly and I were working late and she starts talking about food and I'm busy so I'm half listening and I hear her address me and I say, "What? Did you just say typhoid?"
She starts laughing and says, no.. I think I'm gonna get some Thai food. And then I start laughing at how Thai food turned into typhoid.
Here come the jokes. And lots of laughter from both of us.
"Yeah, you know you've had good typhoid if you're mouth is burning."
"You can get typhoid in several places in Ann Arbor."
"I'd really love to get me some typhoid."
Oh my we're so funny, we wish we had company.

Anyway, moving on...
Today, I go outside to go to work today and right off the bat I'm making displeased faces. As I walk out the door I'm carrying last night's pizza box(yeah, I'm freakin lazy and wanted some pizza for dinner) and I go to throw it out, but no, the bin is at the end of the road. I scowl at this realization in the same instant I notice it's absolutely FREEZING again. Then I see there's snow on my car. Ugh. More scowling. I huddle to the end of the road, retrieve the bin, add pizza box, put it in it's rightful place, hurry to the car, brush off the snow (so I can see!) Get in, start car. A dashboard light appears with a ding.
More scowling.
I don't even know what this light means. I grab the frigid VW manual and flip to the "warning light" section. This particular light is indicating my brake pads are worn and I will need new ones. Great, just what my bank account needs. New brakes.
I pull out to head to work and opt for Geddes, it's a much more pleasant ride than the havoc that exists on I-94. Pop in the iPod and I'm good.
It's frigid and sunny which means the layers of salt they've been dumping on the roads from last night's frosty dusting have created a film on the windshield.
I hit the spray wand and hear the satisfying "whirr" noise that indicates the washer fluid spray is coming. No spray.
I hit the wand again and get the same whirr, and no happy liquid.
I have heated washer nozzles. This is BS. I stop at the first gas station I come to and take a peek under the hood at the washer fluid level.
I give the side of the tank a knock.
It's frozen fuckin solid.
You crappy shit cheap fluid.
More scowling faces.

I'm seriously going to need some typhoid for lunch today. Because next week I have to get new brakes and drain and replace my washer fluid (when it finally warms up!)

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