Sunday, July 20, 2008

I heart the internet

Maybe I have a problem, but don't let the internet hear you say that.
I need to know the weather, check my email, visit flickr, and fark, and the superficial to get all the photos, news and dirt.
I have to know what the headlines are at CNN and who's dumping who, or marrying who, or breeding with in the hollywood glitterati. I need to see if Waiter has got any new stories for me or if it's Sunday then Post-Secret must be checked.
And I can always waste time when Craigslist best-of is finally updated. Or maybe check-up on things on myspace or facebook, but don't look at my fidelity account.. wait til stocks get better.
Check up on a few other blogs and stuff, then hit the waves and surf, maybe check out that new video of lindsay lohan making out with a chick. What goodness beholds a click of my finger?

What new things will the internet show me today?

The world may never know.

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