Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Note to self: Wear more sunscreen

So, Friday I burnt myself, as it turns out not too badly. It's fading now.
Then Sunday I did this bike thing - so I spent about 4 hours outside. Some in shade, most of it on my bike. Did I wear sunscreen? I had the forethought enough to put sunscreen on the parts of my body that were already burnt. The parts that were not? oh no, I left that to nature's full wrath.
I don't know if the sun is just stronger this year, or maybe stronger when it's 90 degrees, or if it is me who just hasn't adjusted to the fact that we are nearly in summer now and the sun is hot.
But my dumb ass burnt myself again. I went on the ride and then after the ride we jumped in the lake to cool off. I was laying on the beach on my stomach chatting with april and this was only for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes my lower back felt hot so I covered up. And that got sunburnt. I got sunburned in TEN minutes. What am I? Toast?
And my shoulders and shoulder blades that were left to nature's full wrath all day? Developed into red uncomfortableness that evening, into redder pain Monday, and the pain actually woke me up a bunch of times during last night and now this morning it has turned to a blistering (yuck, I know) raging sunburn.
Clothes touching it? No. Oh no.
Shower? Painful.
Moving my arms? Ouch.
My skin demands to know if I'm new here. This is the sun, the sun is hot. You are pale.
What is wrong with you? Why didn't you put sunscreen on me?
Yep, my skin talks to me when it's angry.

Stay away from me until I've healed. I'm really stupid right now.

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