Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot lesbian action

Teehee hee!
So, I've been playing the Sims lately. I've had the game a long time, but just in the last week or so have been playing it again. I've got lots of random characters, and the last week have mostly been using these two chicks that live together. They have separate rooms and bathrooms and were happy friendly roommates. They have the same job and are pretty tidy.
This silly little game lets you buy shit, decorate, move things around, build houses, destroy houses, control lives, etc.
For instance you could build a house without a toilet and watch them whine and pee their pants. Buy them a stove without a smoke alarm and watch them burn down their kitchen. Or whatever. You are the "god" of this world.
It's pretty popular with girls - likely because of the ability to buy shit, decorate, and move furniture around.
So, anyway, the two chicks. The game tells me if these two roommates made some friends then they'd advance at work (of course they would, right?) so I keep calling people and chatting, but making friends is too hard. Besides, I do not need my virtual characters to have more friends than I do.
So, I just have these two ladies go on about their lives, eating, working, sleeping, socializing, showering, cleaning, having fun, etc.
Soon they become friends with each other.
Really good friends.
Last night I notice one hug the other - on their own - and seemed to both be happy about it (shown by green plus signs over their heads = good thing)
I am curious so I click on one girl to check the options, I see "kiss" "hug" "talk" and a few others. I pick Kiss, then get more options "romantic" "passionate" "friendly" "peck" and I go for broke, I pick passionate.
Then my sims - the two chicks - make out.
I have made lesbians!
I pick all the kiss options and the chicks make out some more.
I'm laughing at my computer now, at all the virtual lesbian action.
And test the compatibility.
Usually if a sim is not friendly, they'll refuse to sleep in the same bed with another. They'll also refuse to use the toilet or shower if another "stranger" sim is in the room.
Not anymore. These chicks are fully compatible.
Sleeping in the same bed, using the toilet while one is in the shower, anything goes.
Apparently I can download hacks to do more with them, but I'm not sure how much weirder I want this to get.
But I'm having lots of fun.

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