Saturday, June 14, 2008

happy saturday

Ah good day. I love a beautiful day. I had run around at Gallup Park and stopped on my favorite bridge and stood there for a while, letting the breeze blow and cool me off before continuing my run. Just superb.
Took off to Portage Lake for a family thing and on the way I realized my camera was dead (!) and I forgot sunscreen. I zip off the highway at Zeeb Rd to pop into Meijer and I'm cruising across the parking lot and see this big guy lumbering across the lot.. and realize it's my dad - with my mom & sister in the car. (!) I drive over and yell, "hey what are you doing here!" Funny to run into them here. I run into Meijer & pick up the items I need and avoid the old man in in the store who very obviously had wet himself and didn't seem concerned about it. Um. Awkward....!
I get to Portage and see my family, cousins, aunts and uncles and it's a good time. I really like chatting with family I don't see often and I got to drool over my uncle Mark's new Canon 40D camera. Hot stuff it is. Oh very nice. I keep feeling my mom & dad lurking into the conversation here and there which is fine, but come on... I just saw you guys two days ago, and last weekend... can you let me talk to these guys? I never get to see them.
Funny how when I go to my parents house all they want to do is watch TV, but when I'm talking with my aunts and uncles they're suddenly very interested in having a conversation and asking me lots of questions. What gives? At least my mom didn't start the "when are you having kids" thing again. Ask the same question over and over and you'll continue to get the same answer. Later.
We will have children later. I'm sorry if I don't want them now. You have your grandkids living with you. Isn't that enough for now?
Anyway.... beautiful day, and I got to chase my older niece and make her scream, "Stop chasing me! I HATE IT WHEN YOU CHASE ME!" Which of course made it lots more fun for me and I chased her some more and made her scream more, and then my uncle joined in the fun. Good times. Heh. Good times indeed.

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