Monday, February 4, 2008

super bowl

So, we're watching the super bowl and I'm looking at the giants uniforms and in the next camera shot they show about 8 or 9 guys, all from the front.

So, I say to April, "Damn! that's a lot of man camel toe. What do you call man camel toe anyway?"

She looks at me and says, "Moose hoof," and then we burst out laughing.

Anyway, it's 10 to 14. Less than 2 minutes on the clock. It gets to the point where House was supposed to come on, and my special needs DVR skips ahead to real time (we had paused a couple times).
There's now 19 seconds to go. Mike yells, "They scored! They scored and we missed it! Damon make it go back!!!"
Alas, there was no going back. Special needs DVR did not acknowledge that request. It's like that minute never existed.

The giants win it, 17 to 14.

And we missed the biggest play of the game, the one everybody is talking about. The 83-yard Eli Manning pass and subsequent touch-down. And we missed it. I hate you Comcast and your stupid DVR.

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