Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm still here

Yes, I have not written as much as usual. I know how to type properly and am very good at it. I've recently found myself down by a digit and find it insanely frustrating to type. Everything takes longer. I hit the wrong keys. Will becomes woll, capitalization and punctuation become ignored when I'm hurrying.

So, you say? My loyal readers (both of you), what did I do? Well, during the volleyball clinic I so excitedly talked about before, I was having the best time.. I was blocking and I love blocking. I went up to block and I did it wrong. I suspected I had jammed my finger as it was quite painful at first. I shrugged it off, ignored the pain and continued playing. I love to play.

Two hours later my right index finger is swollen, turning colors colors and throbbing. I go home and ice it, and the next day the geniuses with an xray machine tell me it is broken.

See, I bent my finger back so hard, that the tendons and ligaments did not tear, but ripped a chunk of bone out of one of my finger bones. Kind of like when a tree gets blown down and the roots rip the earth out with it.

Got a strong pimp hand, I do.

Now it's wrapped and splinted and I'm not allowed to bend it. the doctor woman even had the nerve to try to insinuate I was getting too old to be playing with college kids. She started giving me the, "You're almost 30..." speech. Really? Seriously? What should I do, pick up bingo at my old age? Better get a cane and a chair and sit on my porch? Lady, there were people at this thing twice my age, don't you dare give me the "aren't you too old for this" lecture.

So, we'll see how things progress. I'm not sure I have anything to complain about. It doesn't really even hurt anymore.

Maybe I need some sunshine.

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