Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back to... NYC

So, here we go again. Back to NYC. This time I decide to head out a day early so I can have some fun time with the brother. I go out Friday, arrive without incident and we head off to his apartment. Friday night we have dinner with his friend Nicole - who's pretty kick ass - and we ate at Carmine's. Yummy Italian food. Then off to Joe's apartment for a glass of wine and we settle in to watch "Into the Wild." I know, it isn't out yet, but you just can't trust those SAG members.

Starts early and I've got fires to put out already. Doesn't take long to set things straight and we're off for the day, I'm working on greeting, escorting, answering questions, handing out tickets, schmoozing at our cocktail party and generally having fun. We have dinner with John & Jan at Ellen's Stardust Diner, complete with singing, lots of singing. Otherwise, Saturday night ends early for Joe, Shelly and I who crash out in our hotel room by 10pm.

Another early start (yes, 6:30am is early) and we're off for a city tour, and then lunch at Katz's deli with the group. All goes off without a hitch and Joe & I make it back to the hotel room before Shelly and we crash out. Shelly returns to find it's nap time and she's excited. See, this is how exciting NY is when you take care of 75 people. It consists of running, working, fixing and sleeping.
Joe and I wake up and head out. Can't sleep all day! We're in New York! We decide to hit times square and catch a showing of "The Bucket List" - which won't win any awards, but for what it's worth it was a good watch. Good story, great actors, kept me well entertained. Bravo.
We wander around the Times Square area and I try to get some night shots, but it is FREEZING. Joe pops into stores because he's whining he's cold. I'm cold too, but I want photos.
Can't feel hands. Must go inside. Cabbies are laughing at me. Oh boy.
So, where do we go?
Toys R' Us. Yeah!
We go inside and poke and play and Joe says, "Let's get on the ferris wheel."
I'm somewhat protesting, I don't know... and I oblige.
Here's my $4, let me on the ferris wheel, and I'm into it. I want the Barbie car, no wait, Mr. Potato Head!!!
We laugh and giggle and make faces and generally become quite immature about the whole thing.
Because really, we're on a ferris wheel.
So, ok. We get off, and have to go up the escalator to get out.
I get on, still jabbering, and we get to the top of the escalator and right there at the end, is Geoffrey. You know, the mascot giraffe of Toys R Us? Not a fake one, it's one of those people in the furry costume versions, like Mickey Mouse.
I see this, that he's at the top of the escalator, in the same instant I see I've got nowhere to go... and then... I screamed.
Not even playing it up this time, this bastard freaked me out. I got to the top and ran away from where the giraffe thing was and ducked behind a t-shirt rack. There's 6 or 7 people staring at me.
Joe's still in ferris wheel mode, "Let's go get a picture!" Oblivious to the danger.
I thrust my camera out at him, "You go get it. I'm not getting anywhere near that thing."
"You don't know what's in there!" I say.
Seriously, normally I'm fine if near a furry, they aren't allowed to touch me. But don't trap me on an escalator like that!
You don't know what is in there. You can't see a face. Someday when the world ends, I bet somehow people in furry costumes will be involved.
But alas, Geoffrey ran away and Joe got no photos.
Joe took off for home, and I met up with Shelly & some of her pals at the Beauty Bar for some good times. I hugged her friend Brent upon saying goodbye, which surprised him, but hey, he just seemed huggable.
Which means? He's gay, of course.

Dogs Dogs Dogs.

I decide this morning I'll do the "one new thing" I get to do every time I'm in New York and this time it's going to be the Brooklyn Bridge. I find it easily enough and yes it's still freezing, but what a beautiful sight. I'm clicking away and I just get the best photos today. What a stunningly beautiful bridge. Fantastic start to my day. Just brilliant.
Until I get screamed at for walking in the bike lane by the one idiot riding a bicycle in the entire hour I was on the bridge.
Whoops. No need to be a crazy bitch, lady. I just forgot. Maybe there shouldn't be a bike lane on such a beautiful bridge, gets people too daydreamy.
I hang out with Shelly & her pals again today, have a good lunch and attend a little comedy. Her friend John says to me, "Have you ever been in an orgy?" and so I paused.
"You paused!" He said. "Do tell!"
And I said, "Well, how many people constitutes an orgy?"
"Eight" he says.
"Well, no then."
"Tell, tell," he says. "There's a story."
So then I tell him the story of that one time Damon's friend tried to convince us that swinging was cool.
You'll have to ask me if you don't know it already.
John enjoyed the story.
So, that night is Westminster Best in Show.
Go Beagle! Go Uno! Yay!!!
Silly poodle, best in show is for beagles!

Today I try to go home, we'll save this for part two.
Hint: I have one cancelled flight, one missed flight, and turn into a total bitch, I go from JFK to LGA via GRAND CENTRAL STATION, I yell at children, get drunk, get scolded by a flight attendant, and finally get home.

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Joseph said...

That was a great weekend we had! I needed that really badly. I know have one of the great pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge as my home desktop picture. Nice work, and I hope to see you again soon, Beetch!