Thursday, June 29, 2006

Anderson Cooper and the Daily Show

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Holy crapolie,
Anderson Cooper (one of the three people in the world I'd most like to meet) was just on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (another of the three people in the world I'd most like to meet). It almost made my head explode. Anderson is so friggin cool, I don't think I'm all that hot for him, but he's more like an idol. An Icon, if I may, of what Journalism should be and someone you can idol, unlike those American Idols or those little girls that once wanted to be just like Britney Spears (boy did she hit the wall!) So, yeah it was awesome.

Side note on the Daily Show. Jon Stewart is also an idol of Journalism and one of the 7 gods. However! Though Steven Colbert is obviously supported by Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, how come when I watch the Colbert Report, I oddly feel somewhat shameful and dirty as if I had somehow been cheating on Jon Stewart. What if the ratings of the Daily Show go down because of the Colbert Report and somehow the CR replaces the Daily Show?! Oh how shameful of me to have supported such a thing! I deserve a stern scolding for that one. Sorry Jon Stewart, you are my one and only (and you too Anderson...)

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