Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Johnny Vegas

Current mood: bouncy

I'm going to Vegas!
I was once in Vegas for a layover and I was walking around and this payphone was ringing. So I look at it, people around it tell me to answer it.. I pick up the receiver and say the first thing that comes to my mind... "VEGAS" can I help you?
Who it was and the rest of the conversation are just not as entertaining as answering "Vegas" to a random ringing payphone while in Vegas. I am so clever it hurts.
So yes, I'm going to Vegas and I'm staying at the Venetian from July 6-9 and I'm so excited! I'm gonna see the Bellagio fountains and lose money and wander around casinos as big as the town I live in. Yeehah! It's so gonna kick ass.

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