Friday, August 21, 2009

Require exposure to people

So, I am hoping to post more often. I was taking a look at the side column there.... down, to the right... yeah, with the old posts. And I see I kinda dropped off around the end of 2008. I also began working at home the end of 2008? Coincidence?
It's hard to put my little stories in here, when they now consist of... woke up... talked to the cat... made tea.... worked.... ate a sandwich... talked to the cat some more.... finished working.... made dinner.... watched tv/movie/played video games .... slept.... REPEAT. It would be like a never ending facebook status. Working at home is BoRinG, people. Bor-fucking-ing.

I'm sure in past posts I had little ideas of things I should write about. I guess I could go back to them and dig up the ideas, or I could just be more aware of crazy shit going on around me. Like the crazy bitch at the farmers market a week or so ago that was trying to get a free melon because the last one she bought was bad. A. She didn't return the melon. B. She bought it two weeks ago. C. She's a whiny bitch and I overhear this because she's making a big fucking stink about it. Bitching at the poor teenage checkout girl at the counter who could give two shits about her rotten melon.
So melon lady walks away and then starts complaining at anyone, then me. "This place is awful, I'm not shopping here anymore." So I tell her maybe she should have brought the melon back if it was such a big deal.
"It was ROTTEN! and it was weeks ago!" I ask her if $2 really that big of a deal - and she snaps, "It's a big deal to me!"
I reply, "whatever lady, you're the one who started talking to me - and I'm not on your side."
Go try that whiny shit at Kroger. Stupid bitch.

Happy Friday : D

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