Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This has got to be a quickie, my battery is running low and I need to go to Graceland!
Anyway, I'm driving across the country with my brother Joe, and I'm facebook mobile all along the way! Anyway, we decide to stop in Amarillo, TX at the BIG STEAK place where if you eat a 72 oz. steak dinner in less than an hour it is free! The place is pretty cool, and the food is pretty good. We did not go for the 72 oz steak.

Anyway, my brother's friend James lives in Canyon, TX, up the road from Amarillo, so we all have dinner together.
There's a little three-man band wandering from table to table, old cowboy types, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, playing old-timey cowboy songs for tips. We finish with our dinner and they wander over to our table and one gentleman says,"Yall got anything you wanna hear?"
I hate it when these people come to the table anyway, I don't make eye contact and James is sitting across from me, he doesn't look up either. Joe is sitting to my right and doesn't say anything for a moment. We all kind of sit waiting for a second and then Joe says, "Stand by your man?" and we all begin to snicker.
The man pauses for a moment. I don't remember if he said anything because we were laughing like a bunch of idiots.
Joe then says, "Rawhide?"
The man, apparently insulted by his request, says gruffly to Joe, "We don't play that kinda music here" and walks off.
We burst into fits of giggles.
Good Job, Joe. Less than one day in Texas and you're already pissing off the locals.

Stand by your man. Indeed.

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