Friday, June 5, 2009

a very strange week

So, went to the UK and now I'm back. I've got a few stories about ill travelers and ridiculous parties, but I'll get to that later.
I've had the strangest week since I got home.
First, I found out one of my cousins (one I'm actually somewhat close to) has been in the hospital for the past two weeks for post-baby depression. And not just any kind of depression, but the pill taking wrist cutting kind. Sheesh. And her "supportive" boyfriend is there for her at every moment. If "there for her" means disappearing, selling their kids toys for drugs, and giving her shit for being in the hospital instead of being at home taking care of him, and threatening to kidnap her children. He's a great guy so I can see why she'd be with him. So, that's pretty fucked up. Moving on.

And there's this other thing. I get this email from this C*** (with a capital C mind you, and that's fightin' words. You don't throw the C-word out lightly.) So, essentially this one sentence email is from this girl who is trying to find my sister.

I remembered her name, I remembered her as being the queen bee of the bitches that were horrendously mean to my sister in school. So, my reply: "I'm not sure why you would be searching for her...?"

And crazy of all crazy, this is what I get back.

"Because I was real mean at times to her in high school and I really wanted to apologize to her for it, I also wanted to hear about what happened to her after she graduated. If you want you can pass along the apologie but I think she would enjoy shoving it back in my face because I would really deserve it and she is the one thing I regretted in my life and I think she should know that. Now that I have talked in circles please tell her I am really sorry."

Wow, right?

I thought kids were mean to her, but it's hard to separate my sister's reality from actual reality.

My last message back to her:

"Yeah, I was just a kid, so I just overheard stuff, but remembered you. She's never really had many friends, I don't remember names of her friends, I get to remember names of people that were not her friends. My sister and I don't really see eye to eye these days, but I'm pretty sure she would appreciate hearing this from you. I think this is her email address: {deleted} She's still a very sensitive person and I doubt she would be the type to shove it back in your face. Good luck and let me know if the email doesn't work and I'll find a way you can get in touch with her."

So, she said thanks and "I will" and that's the last I've heard of it so far.

Which made me think for a moment about friends and I realized... I'm pretty sure my sister has never had any friends. As far as I can remember, nobody ever came over as a kid to play with her, ever. No friends as a teenager and I don't think now either. I mean, that is weird. Even the misfit kids seem to find other misfit kids to pair with.

Then again, when I think back to grade school, middle school, high school - I remember some boys being really mean to me, and girls saying mean things. But honestly, the worst things that have ever been said or done to me were by the people who were supposed to be my friends. I'm not friends with any of them anymore. Friendly, but not friends.

So, which is better, friends who do mean things to you or having no friends, but enemies who do mean things to you?

Kids are fucked up, man. And mean.

That is all.

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