Friday, May 8, 2009


I know.
It's that time of year. I'm busy as shit. I should have blogged about breaking my ankle.
I was angry and bitter.
I should be blogging about other stuff, but really, I'm going to physical therapy three mornings a week. Working on projects in my yard before work, during lunch, after work and on weekends. Working on the lawn, the little garden areas, the inside of the house, painting, the deck, etc. Never ends.
Also doing fun stuff - seeing friends - going out. I went to Turks & Caicos. I went to New Orleans.
I'm working full time. I have a work trip coming soon and I'm busting my ass to get ready. I'm taking a class, cooking dinner nearly every night, grocery shopping, exercising. I'm so busy I made myself sick.

But this? This MUST be blogged.

My brother's birthday is today (May 8, it's now official) - and his friend/landlord Annette got tickets for them to see "God of Carnage." Kind of a big deal as all four actors (Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis, Marcia Gay Harden and James Gandolfini are all nominated for Tony Awards, in addition to the play itself). So, being a former employee of Jeff, Joe emailed him and said he would be coming to the show and asked if he could stop in before or after the show to see Jeff and say hi. Jeff was enthusiastic and said, of course!

Joe and Annette go to see the show... upon walking in, they are going to their seats and they see somebody... you know the show Medium? They see the husband, you know. The dad from the show. Joe thinks, oh that's pretty cool.. and then sees who is standing next to him. Joe tells him he likes his work, and shakes his hand. The man looks at Joe curiously. The man is EDWARD FUCKING NORTON. Fight Club Edward Norton. American History X Edward Norton. OMFG. I would have exploded, or licked him, or both. Holy crap, right? How can you see Edward Fucking Norton and just keep walking. Get a motherfucking handshake. Seriously.

So, they see the show and it's awesome. Just top rate, balls to the wall bad ass. Joe and his friend Annette go to head backstage, they get checked on the list, approved by Jeff Daniels and head toward his dressing room. Ed Norton (yeah I'm calling him Ed now) spies Joe and gives him a less confused look (sort of, oh you aren't just some guy, you know people here look....) and Joe enters Jeff's dressing room and is greeted with a big hug. Some friendly chatting about the ways of the world, the how's your job, thank you's and I love your work kind of stuff. Joe and Annette are having a nice chat with his friend Jeff. Then a man pops his head in the door to say hi to Jeff... congratulates him on a great show. He and Jeff and Joe and Annette all stand in a little semi circle as Jeff and this new guest engage in their friendly chatting about the ways of the world the how's your job thank you's and I love your work kind of stuff. Oh, who is it? This guy? Yeah. It's STEVE FUCKING BUSCEMI.
OMFG. Fargo Steve Buscemi. Mister Fucking Pink Reservoir Dogs Steve Buscemi. My eyeballs would have fallen out of my head.
Holee shit.

No, we aren't done yet. Steve and Jeff finish their chat and Steve shakes hands with Jeff, Joe, and Annette and says goodbye. Joe and Jeff and Annette finish up and Joe & Annette head out to leave. Joe's heading down the stairs to exit and somebody at the end is blocking the stairs. Big imposing guy, 6'2" ... Joe sees who it is and pats him on the shoulder, congratulates him on a great show... JAMES FUCKING GANDOLFINI turns and gives my brother Joe a big thank you. Tony Fucking Soprano James Gandolfini. SERIOUSLY!?!??!? People would have to pick my jaw up off the floor and tape my hands to my sides. Annette (a friendly actress who's accustomed to this sort of thing) would kick joe in the back of the knee if he missed someone important or got out of hand. Well done, Annette!

Joe exits the building at the place where throngs of fans are waiting to see the exiting celebrities. Marcia Gay Harden is standing there signing autographs, and Joe's had a winning night. He congratulates Marcia and is given a smile and a thank you.

He asks me how the hell he's ever going to top that night. I mean the trifecta (five-fecta?) of Awesome. Really fucking cool.
So, I tell him what would top it, "Bang Angelina Jolie."

"DONE!" He says.



Rob Swick said...

I was hoping to hear Edward "Death to Smoochy" Norton, Steve "Mr Deeds" Buschemi, and James "Surviving Christmas" Gandolfini.

Holy shit though, to be a fly on the wall seeing those 3.

mimi said...

I had thought of "Death to Smoochy," but not the other two. Well played ::: slow clap ::::