Friday, September 26, 2008

You're going where?

So, my brother is awesome. In case you didn't know.

There's this thing out there, this video, that poses the question, "Are you anyone's favorite person?" It's a great little video and a good question.
(here's the video if you're interested)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm my brother's favorite person. Yeah. He's awesome.

Anyway, so he calls and he's all excited about this new job he's got for the fall. Listen to this.

So, once upon a time, he got into theater, right? He got this exclusive apprenticeship gig working for Jeffy D at the Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea. Then, when that was over (as if that wasn't enough!) he got this extra exclusive internship gig at Juilliard. (YES. Freakin' Juilliard) in their electrics department - lights, sound, that kind of stuff.
From there he gets a summer job near the Hamptons which is nice.

And now, check this out. He's got a three week job in December on a tour which starts in Florida and ends in Mexico City, Mexico.
So, while I'm sitting here in Michigan twiddling my thumbs, in an office, alone, he's going to be in freakin' Mexico.
AND! There's more! The show is the Nutcracker. And not just any Nutcracker, the one with the Russian Ballet.
AND! He'll be making more money than me!
So, again... In December - there's me - who's alone and lame and poor and cold and bored in an office in Michigan. And then there's my brother, hanging out in Mexico with Russian Ballerinas.

I'm pretty sure it will look something like this:


I so got into the wrong field of work.

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