Monday, September 15, 2008

Um, karma?

I just said a bunch of mean stuff about people living where mother nature can get them.
I don't know if I cosmically pissed someone off, but I'm sorry, I take it back, I didn't mean it.

Cause somebody threw a really, really big tree at me - only it landed in my driveway and scared the crap out of my car.

from the yard

There's more photos in my flickr stream - but that's a big tree, that's my little car and we have no power, no cable and though we don't use it, the phone line's out too. And since it was from the pole to the house, my neighbors have power so we'll probably be the very last ones on DTE's "fix it" list.

We're "hunkered down" at husband's parents house so we can shower with hot water and recharge the laptops.

Supposedly all should be repaired Tuesday.

Anybody you know take away trees on the cheap?

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