Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Alaska Part Deuce!

Current mood: busy

Coming soon.
I really want to write it. I need my brain to do it. I'm still at work and its... 9pm? Yep, 9pm. No brains left. So, I plan to go home, eat dinner, and then play video games. After 11 hours of work I'm going to sit and let my brain rot while I play Tetris. Yep, I'm really exciting. Work. Tetris. Sleep. Repeat. I guess I can get away with this for now since I kicked my ass in Alaska. I'll tell you all about it. Soon.

One more thing

I watched Hot Fuzz last night and if you've ever seen Point Break or Bad Boys 1 or II or Die Hard, or any more cop movies, you'll think this is awesome.
I thought it was pretty fucking funny and I've never seen Die Hard or Bad Boys but every obvious cop movie cliches ever invented is in there. Watch for them. Enjoy.

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