Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is it spring yet?

So, we are probably getting a new hot water heater today. This one seems to be leaking water from a rusty connection on the top. So that's awesome.

We are having a house built - about 10 minutes from here with bedrooms and stairs and garage doors and all sorts of sweet new things. The digging of our basement is on hold because of some "frost law." So that's awesome.

I'm working at a travel agency and I get to field all kinds of requests for people that want to go somewhere warm. They have no dates, no idea where they want to go and no budget. So, that's awesome.

So, I recently went to get gas - and being winter - I thought nothing of walking through a puddle, until I noticed when I got back in the car it stank of gasoline like you would not believe. My newest pair of pants is still in a bucket of water in the laundry room. My shoes are on the front porch. So, that's awesome.

There's ice on the ground. My pants fit too tight. I'm tired. I'm soooo over this winter. I want to play in the pool. I want to feel the sun. I want to mow the lawn. I want to move into my house and organize all the things that just seem to be in the way in this little place.


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