Thursday, May 12, 2016

Comic book crafty

So, I love Daredevil.*  I love it more than any show I've watched and I don't care. I'm a total Marvel nerd and I am continuing my obsession. This obsession will bring me to Motor City Comic Con this Friday and Saturday where a couple of Daredevil actors will be, along with lots and lots of sweaty smelly nerds. My people.
I've worked with mod podge before - when I bought an antique looking fabric map on Etsy and put it on the front of all the drawers on my dresser. It is one of my most beloved things I own, and if my house catches on fire I'll probably drag it out with me. Or maybe make a new one, you know, whatever.
So, I've had it on my mind to make comic book shoes, as I've had this crafty idea for a while. I also really want to make shoes out of a map too. But with Comic Con coming up and all... time to make things happen with this first. Besides, crafts make my brain happy and lately things have been piling up on the stress mountain.
I ordered a Daredevil comic book and a Punisher comic book on Ebay, and decided to make one shoe of each book.
Some of my supplies...

getting started on the Daredevil shoe

Kinda diggin the back

Still drying, but it doesn't look bad!

Yasss. I love his eye is the lace hole.  

A few days later... starting the Punisher shoe

Some good heel detail

I'm liking it. 


So, I really hope they don't fall apart. If they make it through Detroit they'll be perfect for FanExpo Toronto in Sept. Matt Murdock will be there. Squee!

*(the Netflix series idiots - not that Ben Affleck steaming turd.)

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