Friday, January 15, 2016

Secret Krampus

Around Christmastime I got a terrible idea. A terrible delicious idea, that could be a lot of fun. Secret Krampus. The idea is it's like Secret Santa, but with terrible gifts. (for instance, a bag of chewed pens...) I toyed around with the idea a bit, then created a Facebook group, invited some terrible friends and started Secret Krampus. The rules were simple. Mail your terrible gift by Jan 15 and post photos in the group. I sent my giftee a mason jar full of vinegar and sticks, and several plastic bags with one item in them, like a broken crayon, an empty sample size tube of toothpaste, an old sock, etc... and at the very bottom of the bag was a lovely box of chocolates - with one bite taken out of every single one. Hahhaaa.
Husband sent his gift - a DVD of a bad movie, all scratched to oblivion, filled with glitter, wrapped in plastic wrap and then wrapped up with diapers that had been rubbed in the dirt and drawn on with markers. 
I got my gift today. A large box, probably 8 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 22 inches long. Filled with about 3,000 puzzle pieces. To more than one puzzle. With no box or photo. I am pleased. 
Well done! I think Krampus 2.0 for next year shall be quite competitive.

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