Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 reasons to have really good headphones

In no particular order:

1. Misguided Angel, The Cowboy Junkies
Because you can never have enough Margo Timmins.

2. Mining for Gold, The Cowboy Junkies.
This one minute and thirty one second song gives me goosebumps throughout. It sounds like Margo Timmins is in the room, voice soaring in smooth perfection. While you're at it, add the entire "Trinity Session" album. My #1 favorite.

3. Time to Say Goodbye, Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
You can't beat the Italians.

4. The Greatest, Cat Power.
Something about her voice and song is so familiar, yet I can't place the familiarity. This song never gets old.

5. Teardrop, Massive Attack
Turn it on. Turn it up. Repeat. You're welcome.

6. The Blower's Daughter, Damien Rice.
I'm a sucker for beautifully clear vocals.

7. Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley,
So many delicate notes and little flickers of greatness that just can't be heard without great headphones.

8. Wise Up, Aimee Mann.
I can't entirely justify her on this list, but she's got this voice. You can't deny it.

9. Fade, Mazzy Star.
Almost a tie between "Fade" and "Flowers in December" but this one squeaked ahead. Beautiful song.

10. Everloving, Moby.
There's so much to this song that you can't hear unless you've got the perfect headphones. Rustling, pages turning, little tweaks and imperfections and subtle nuances in the notes, and silence. The sound of silence. Something about Moby makes me so content. Best when combined with a long drive across the desert. Moby's runner up? "The Sky is Broken."

11. Did you seriously think I'd stick to ten?
All Mine, Portishead.
Oh how this got me through a few delicious inappropriate moments in college. Yummy times, indeed.

I realize this list may be lacking, but with only 10 (okay, 11) what can you do? However, get a great pair of headphones, make your own playlist and blissfully float away.

You're welcome.

Oh, I'm also working on compiling a list of 100 reasons to love music. If I neglected it here, it will likely appear there


E Flo said...

love it.
and I am really glad Cat Power made your list.

mimi said...

Wee! Yay!