Friday, June 15, 2007

Home for a while

Current mood: awake

Aaah, home sweet home. Yard work and my super kitty. Took the day off work today to get my driver's license renewed (because that might take all day!) but as of yet, have not gotten out of the pyjamas. Need some veg time.

I counted and of the last 90 days, 40 of them were spent somewhere in Europe. I need a break. So, home for a while now. No more work trips for quite a few months. I got vacation soon - going back to Alaska, but that vacation. It's different!

Looking forward to being outside in the sweet sunshine for a while and playing around with my friends. I'm pretty tired of my life revolving around my last or next trip. Let it revolve around bike rides, the beach, sunshine, driving with the top down in the husbands wrangler, and when the next Corona is coming my way.

HELLO SUMMER! I'm very happy to see you.

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