Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've been tagged - Thanks Emily

Current mood: curious

I have been tagged. I've never been tagged before... but since Miss Emily tagged me and I love her, I'll tell you 6 weird things about myself, because I'm supposed to.

1. I refuse to put blinds up in my kitchen, but I am afraid of the windows in my house when it's dark. You don't know whats out there, and when I look in the window at night I'm afraid something will appear on the other side.

2. I am afraid of people in furry costumes. Not run-away scared but they are certainly not allowed to touch me...Ever. You can't see their face, you don't know who's in there!

3. I really hate cold pasta. I won't eat macaroni salad or spaghetti salad or whatever kind of cold pasta you present. If people say, oh, try the pasta, I'll put it on my plate but then later secretly throw it away...It's nasty.

4. I think there is some kind of celery conspiracy and I won't have it. There are several foods which inexplicably have celery in them, and I hate it and won't eat it. Don't put..celery in my chili, don't put it in my chinese food, and certainly do not put it in any of my soups!..No thank you.

5. I won't drink milk after the expiration date. Even if it smells fine and looks fine, I will believe it has bad enzymes in it and have to throw it out.

6. I have sample sizes of everything. Shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, floss, soap, etc etc. and won't ever throw any out. I have this collection of 40 something sample sized toiletries in my bathroom cabinet. And I always look for more when I'm at the store. But to be fair, I do use them. And then buy more...

Bonus! -- I eat salad like people eat french fries, I dip the lettuce in the dressing. Yum.

And I tag these bitches, Jennifer, Fulka, Dave, Jami.Love and Shaffer

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