Friday, May 19, 2006

I am not a fish!

Current mood: amused

So I work on the north campus of the University of Michigan in the Pierpont Commons, I sit by the window, like a fish in a fishtank, and all day long things go by. I sit and work at my computer and occasionally look up and see any number of odd things. Usually just people walking by, but today... today someone walked by in a chicken suit. A full, head to toe, chicken suit. Not sure why.

One time a guy in a wolverine suit went by, I figured he had a UM thing, but a chicken suit? Another time a guy went by in full makeup, spiked hair, and short plaid skirt and white girly button down top... maybe it was a frat thing, but a chicken suit?

One time a guy, (I am not lying) rode by on a unicycle. You look up, see a unicycle riding guy go by, and look back at your computer and continue to work. What can you say?

Not too long ago a large group of people walked by backwards. It was about 50 people, and then a few minutes later they did it again, and again. We never found out why they kept walking by, backwards.

Oh! The best one ever was the valentine ninjas. One time, on valentines day like two years ago, a group of maybe 12 people in full black ninja costumes (only the eyes showing) ran through the entire building and whipped candy at people. That was interesting.

Maybe the guy in the chicken suit will come back and I can ask him what the hell he's doing.

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